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Central Pacific

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There is a band of islands running from the Manus Island in PNG to Fiji that are exposed to the winter swells in the North Pacific. Many of these islands are the northern edge of the Solomon Islands. The prevailing east trade winds are not as reliable as places north of here, Micronesia, etc. but there is a tendency towards no wind that makes up for that.

Of these hundreds of islands the place to start looking for surfable waves is on the top NW corner of each island (my bias for right-hand breaking waves) That part of the island that is exposed to the north swell and sheltered from the wind and small wind waves that come from the east.

Each hemisphere's winter swell is the best (longest period or "ground swell"). It is caused by storms thousands of kilometres away, towards the poles. December to February the storms come from the north. Hawaiian winter swells are legendary. June to August storms are from the south (Indonesian surf comes from Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean winter storms).

Here are some surf forecasts:
Adjust this to see different information use the links above the graphic and/or:
(1) Select the Global model then the region from the drop down list.

(2) Surfers will want either the significant wave height, or
(3) the Primary Swell Period (how far the wave has travelled and the power of the wave).
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Can recommend somewhere to stay: Kagata Village on the island of Santa Isabel in the Solomon Islands

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