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15 December 2009

Pohnpei Micronesia

Access to all the websites I expect to need during the trip. Shortcut to get here:


What is expected to happen. Each of these has been different in some way for the last 2-3 months. In mid March we will know which one gets it right.
Individual breaks:
Area forecast & tides. 2 links to the same place:
Nearshore model:
Warnings & Satellite images for Pohnpei Coastal Waters:
Magic Seaweed Palikir Swell Forecast:

Note: No responsibility for any consequence of any action or decision taken on the basis of a forecast or any other content.


What is actually happening:
Surfline Surf Report: Select the other breaks from that page (Palikir pass, Main pass, Mwahnd pass, Central channel & Napali)
Surfline Satellite view:
Magic Seaweed Historical Data February:
Tsunami watch NOAA:


Surfline provide the most information on Micronesia.
Select break from the drop-down list: P-pass, Main pass, Mwahnd pass, Central channel & Napali


Twitter Search Feed on Pohnpei:

Other Sites with information
Winter 2009 issue of The Surfers Journal has a 20+ page article on the surf history, reports and photos in surf magazines and the personalities involved in setting up surf tourism in the area:
Vol 18 No. 6

Shortcut to large map

View FSM Surf in a larger map (Easy Pass, Main Pass, Palikir Pass, Freddos, Sondens, Spaghettis, Russell's rights)

Tides in Detail Harbor

Travel Directory


Surf Forecasts

Our favourite forecast for surf in Sydney (and most of Australia) is:

LaJolla is handy for forecasts, you can pick a graphic for anywhere in the world:

There are links to other nice people that provide
this information:

Top view from Queenscliff looking along the beach at Manly NSW ... on Twitpic

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