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Australia - NZ

The sea between Australia and New Zealand is affectionately known as "the ditch".
It gets the southern winter swells from the Southern Ocean and these wrap nicely onto the east coast of Australia but they blast the west coast of New Zealand.

See the approaching swell for this area, select the Global model at:

(1) Select the Global model then the region from the drop down list.

(2) Surfers will want either the significant wave height, or
(3) the Primary Swell Period (how far the wave has travelled and the power of the wave).
Tip: Bookmark the page and try the different combinations at different times.


Surf Forecasts

Our favourite forecast for surf in Sydney (and most of Australia) is:

LaJolla is handy for forecasts, you can pick a graphic for anywhere in the world:

There are links to other nice people that provide
this information:

Top view from Queenscliff looking along the beach at Manly NSW ... on Twitpic

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