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15 December 2009

Pohnpei Micronesia

Access to all the websites I expect to need during the trip. Shortcut to get here:


What is expected to happen. Each of these has been different in some way for the last 2-3 months. In mid March we will know which one gets it right.
Individual breaks:
Area forecast & tides. 2 links to the same place:
Nearshore model:
Warnings & Satellite images for Pohnpei Coastal Waters:
Magic Seaweed Palikir Swell Forecast:

Note: No responsibility for any consequence of any action or decision taken on the basis of a forecast or any other content.


What is actually happening:
Surfline Surf Report: Select the other breaks from that page (Palikir pass, Main pass, Mwahnd pass, Central channel & Napali)
Surfline Satellite view:
Magic Seaweed Historical Data February:
Tsunami watch NOAA:


Surfline provide the most information on Micronesia.
Select break from the drop-down list: P-pass, Main pass, Mwahnd pass, Central channel & Napali


Twitter Search Feed on Pohnpei:

Other Sites with information
Winter 2009 issue of The Surfers Journal has a 20+ page article on the surf history, reports and photos in surf magazines and the personalities involved in setting up surf tourism in the area:
Vol 18 No. 6

Shortcut to large map

View FSM Surf in a larger map (Easy Pass, Main Pass, Palikir Pass, Freddos, Sondens, Spaghettis, Russell's rights)

Tides in Detail Harbor

Travel Directory

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Surf Forecasts

Our favourite forecast for surf in Sydney (and most of Australia) is:

LaJolla is handy for forecasts, you can pick a graphic for anywhere in the world:

There are links to other nice people that provide
this information:

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